Tom has been a defender and advocate of liberty and lower taxes since 2010. As a member of the Libertarian Party of Greater Peoria, he is a fiscal conservative and believes his fellow residents of Peoria County are unfairly taxed. He wants to repeal civil asset forfeiture, lower or freeze real estate taxes and have the government operate within its financial restraints. He will introduce common-sense solutions to problems that plague the county and will help in the fight to maintain our rule of law and due process. He is a firm believer in jury nullification and would work to present it as a viable option to all juries. As a County Board member, he will introduce legislation and support the Illinois Separation Movement. He is a firm believer in service to the community, integrity in government, and as a free thinker will serve the residents of Peoria County with an independent voice working to solve our problems big to small.

Tom Inman was born and raised in Bartonville, attended Limestone Community High School, and graduated in 2001. Born the son of a Boilermaker (Local 60) and a telephone
operator. He has lived in District 17 for 34 years.

He attended Illinois Central College and finished with an Associates of Science Degree while making the Dean’s List. He married his wife Lisa in 2012 and has two sons who attend Limestone Walters Grade School. He has been a small business owner since 2012. He currently runs his lawn and garden Company Inman Lawns, runs a Real Estate team with his wife and 4 team members, Moves Smart Group at Jim Maloof Realtor. He also coaches baseball at Peoria Notre Dame and with their Youth Baseball program.

Tom is a firm believer in service to community and integrity in government.