Like so many others, Eric’s personal and professional life has been upended by the atrocious mishandling of our Liberty in a Democracy deadlocked by a “Two Party Only” system. One of Eric’s primary goals in running for office is to provide greater access to our Representative Democracy, making it easier for “We The People” to participate in self-governance. His deeply rooted belief in Personal Liberty is primary among Eric’s reasons for seeking office.


If elected to County Coroner, Eric would prioritize the following:

  • Assert the Coroner’s office as a Law  Enforcement agency provided with the same powers as the Sheriff’s Office per the Illinois Constitution.
  • Partner with the Sheriff’s Office to ensure a common understanding on the proper Use of Force, and Joint Agency training thereon.
  • Utilization of HIPAA compliant technologies to reduce costs within Law Enforcement while maintaining Privacy and Respect for the Decedent and the Integrity of ongoing investigation.
  • Increase value provided by the Coroner’s Office by reducing unnecessary redundancies with the Sheriff’s Office.

Eric Shaffer has resided in the Dunlap area with his wife, Kirsten, and their three children for over five years. As a former Caterpillar transplant, he has transitioned into entrepreneurship, and now runs a small private consultancy focused on Root Cause Failure Analysis and Systemic Analytical Methodology.

Eric’s focus is primarily on family, and his family’s involvement with The Montessori School of Peoria, where his wife is a primary assistant and all three of their children attend.

Eric is running to provide greater access to our Representative Democracy by making it easier for ``We The People`` to participate in self-governance.